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    a deliberate poli▓cy of destruction and extirpation.Even if the ●misery of the ghetto has, tha●nks to the strict abstemiousness of the ●Jews,[Pg 162] failed as yet to kill the●m in

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    the way that the peasantry, weakened by ▓alcoholism, are killed in the famine● provinces, nevertheless the moral result is● frightful.Even the iron fam

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    ily morality▓ of the Jews is shaken in the wester●n governments.A deplorable percentage of p●rostitutes is made up of Jewesses.Ex●perience shows that sexual dep

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rivation is the▓ beginning of every other fo▓rm of degeneration.Moreover, the matter does n▓ot generally end with the indiv●idual wh

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o sinks into prostitution.The ▓ethical ideas of such a mora●lly defective person spread contagion ●in a wide circle.Families are br▓

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oken up, or unchastity makes its way ●into them.The whole conceptio●n of life becomes different when the chas●tity of women becomes a

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n article of● trade or an object of ironical sceptici▓sm.Still, in comparison with their environme▓nt even these Jews may be ca●lled

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chaste, for they are merely stained by the● barbarism of the Orient.But it is, ne▓vertheless, monstrous that in a ▓Christian country

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the hard-won sexua●l morality of a part of the popula▓tion, once gained, must be endanger▓ed only because malevolent pol▓itics will

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